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Clinicopathological Study of Resected Gallbladder and Bile Ducts with Anomalous Pancreaticobiliary Ductal union (APBDU)

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담췌관 합류이상을 가진 환자에서 담낭 및 간외담도 병변의 연구
정, 용식; 김, 욱환; 유, 병무; 김, 진홍; 진, 윤미; 김, 명욱
Taehan Oekwa Hakhoe, 55(6):1045-1053, 1998
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Taehan Oekwa Hakhoe; 대한외과학회지
Background: Anomalous pancreaticobiliary ductal union (APBDU) is a congenital defect defined as a union of the pancreatic and the biliary ducts located outside the duodenal wall. Accordingly, this anonalous connection between the choledochus and the pancreatic duct is considered to be a factor in the development of biliary tract diseases such as choledochal cysts, pancreatitis, cholangitis, gallbladder ,cancer, and bile duct cancer. Our purpose is to analyze combined disease, especially biliary neoplasm, and to evaluate biliary tract microscopic changes in the biliary tract.

Methods: To study the clinical characteristics of APBDU, we reviewed 21 APBDU cases which were treated from June 1994 to January 1998. We studied the associated diseases, the surgical treatment, histological findings and the PCNA expression. We also analyzed the gallbladder epithelium in 10 control patients without APBDU.

Results: Among the 21 cases, 12 cases were accompanied by a choledochal cyst. A gallbladder carcinoma occurred in 5 cases. Of the 13 operations, 4 involved a cholecystectomy only, and 9 involved a cholecystectomy, bile duct resection and hepaticojejunostomy. The histologic findings were reviewed in 13 cases. Bile duct metaplasia was found in 8 of the 9 cases with a bile duct resection, and gallbladder metaplasia was found in 8 of the 12 cases whereas metaplasia was detected in 1 of the 10 control patients. The PCNA expression was significantly high in APBDU group.

Conclusions: The patients with APBDU showed a high incidence of gallbladder carcinoma and metaplasia in the epithelium of the gallbladder and the bile duct. This metaplasia in the gallbladder and the bile duct was thought to be related to the cancerous change.
Anomalous pancreaticobiliary ductal unionGallbladder cancerMetaplasia
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