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Childrearing Attitude and Burden of Employed and Unemployed Mothers and Temperament and Health Related Variables of Their Preschool Children

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취업모와 미취업모의 양육태도, 양육부담감 및 학령전기 자녀의 기질과 건강관련 변인 비교
방, 경숙
Adong Kanho Hakhoe chi, 10(2):217-224, 2004
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Adong Kanho Hakhoe chi; Journal of Korean Academy of Child Health Nursing; Korean journal of child health nursing; 아동간호학회지
Purpose: This comparative descriptive study was conducted to determine the effects of maternal employment on the maternal child-rearing attitude, child-rearing burden, and temperament and health related variables of their preschool children. Method: Samples were recruited in child care centers in Seoul, Daejeon, and Suwon. 209 mothers with children age of three to six participated. Result: Employed mothers showed more positive child-rearing attitude, but there was no significant difference in child-rearing burden, Also, maternal attitude and child-rearing burden were influenced by satisfaction on the employment state. Children´s temperament subscales were not different in two groups. Breast feeding and compliance on vaccination were done better by unemployed mothers. However, home safety, experience of accident and hospitalization of children were not affected by maternal employment. Conclusion: Maternal employment has positive influence in some aspects. This study provides basic data for parent counseling and anticipatory guidance for employed mothers.
Children with epilepsyQualit취업모양육태도양육부담감학령전 아동기질
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방, 경숙
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