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The Comparision of Lifestyle Patterns between Allergy and Non-Allergy People

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알레르기 질환 유무에 따란 생활 습관 차이
김, 용순; 박, 지원; 송, 영신; 김, 기연; 김, 철우; 박, 중원; 홍, 천수
Chiyŏk Sahoe Kanho Hakhoe chi, 12(1):269-277, 2001
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Chiyŏk Sahoe Kanho Hakhoe chi; Journal of Korean community nursing; Journal of Korean Academy of Community Health Nursing; 지역사회간호학회지
Purpose: The purpose of this study was to compare to total lifestyle patterns of allergy and non-allergy group.

Method:The study was carried out to access the lifestyle patterns such as food intake smoking, alcohol intake and exercise habits by questionnairing the 110 allergy people and 205 non-allergy people living in Seoul area

Result: 1. The proportion of eating stimulatory food materials-mainly hot and 미쇼-of allergy group were significantly higher than those of non-allergy group 2. In allergy group the proportion of meat intake was significantly higher than that of non-allergy 3. In allergy group exercise habit was higher than that of non-allergy but not significant 4. In allergy group smoking was lower than that of non-allergy but not significant 5. In allergy group alcohol intake was lower than that of non-allergy but not significant

Conclusion: lifestyle patterens such as food intake(salt and meat) were significantly different by prevalence of allergy and allergy type which suggested that lifestyle patterns of allergy people need to be studied to develop preventive stratagies for allergic reaction.
알레르기생활습관(식이, 운동, 흡연, 음주)AllergyLifestyle(food intake, exercise, smoking, drinking)
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