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Impact of Smoking and Alcohol Intake on Bone Mineral Density in Men

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dc.description.abstractBackground : Smoking may be a factor that decreases bone mineral density. Alcohol also may be a factor that increases or decreases bone mineral density. The authors investigated the relationship among life style-related smoking and alcohol intake and the bone mineral density and the amount that may result in the incidence of osteoporosis in Korean men over forties.

Methods : In 1,650 men over forties, we compared the mean values of bone mineral density by factors. Multiple logistic regression analysis was done on the incidence of osteoporosis and the statistically significant factors after adjustment for age, body index, and daily activity.

Results : In men, who smoked over 30 pack-years, the bone mineral density of the spine (P<.001) and the femur (ward; P=.001, neck; P=.003) was statistically significantly low before and after adjusting (spine P=.001, femur ward P=.010, femur neck P=.016) for age, body mass index, and daily activity. In men who were presently drinking alcohol, the bone mineral density of the femur increased significantly (P<.001), but drinking alcohol only influenced the bone mineral density of the femur neck after adjustment (P=.025). In men who drank 200∼300 g per week, the bone mineral density of the femur increased significantly (ward P=.001, neck P<.001), and it influenced the bone mineral density of the femur neck (P= .046) after adjustment. The odds ratio was 1.5 in men who smoked over 30 pack-years in the incidence of osteoporosis, and was statistically significant.

Conclusion : As the odds ratio for incidence of osteoporosis increased in men who smoked over 30 pack-years, it is important to stop smoking.
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