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Relationship of Serum Anti-p53 Antibody with p53 Expression in Liver Tissue of Chronic Liver Diseases

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만성 간 질환에서 혈청 p53자가항체와 간조직내 p53 발현의 비교관찰
김, 영수; 신, 용준; 함, 기백; 왕, 희정; 진, 윤미; 조, 성원
Taehan Kan Hakhoe chi, 4(2):131-142, 1998
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Taehan Kan Hakhoe chi; The Korean journal of hepatology; 대한간학회지
Background/Aims- The p53 mutations have been described as the most common genetic alteration during development and progression of malignancy in a wide range of human cancers. Mutant p53 proteins have a prolonged half-life accounting for increased levels of p53 protein frequently detected in tumors. This can induce the production of anti-p53 in the senzn of patients with HCC. We determined the relationship of serum anti-p53 with p53 expression in the liver tissue of chronic liver disease and the correlation of serum anti-p53 with serum alpha- fetoprotein(AFP) in patients with HCC. Methods- In sera of same patients, we analysed the anti- p53 using ELISA system As controls we tested 50 healthy individuals and 20 patients with chronic hepatitis. Immaiohistochemical study for the presence of mutant p53 was performed on liver tissue from 50 patients with cirrhosis and 30 patients with HCC using monoclonal antibody clone DO-7 and LSAB kit by ABC method. Results Anti-p53 was positive in 9(30%) of 30 patients with HCC. Among nine patients with positive anti-p53, only two patients had detectable p53 expression in their tumor tissues. Anti-p53 was positive in 5(10%) of 50 patients with liver cirrhosis. The AFP was elevated in 21(70%) of 30 patients with HCC. Among the 9 AFP- negative HCC patients, 4(44.4%) were found to be positive for anti-p53. P53 expression was detectable in 9(30%) of 30 HCCs and 1(3.3%) of RO surrounding non-tumorous cirrhotic tissues. Conclusion- Mese findings suggest that anti-p53 was not correlated with the status of p53 expression in liver tissue and serological testing for anti-p53 antibody may be complementary to serum AFP for diagnosing of HCC with normal serum AFP.
Anti - p53p53 proteinChronic liver deseaseHepatocellular carcinoma
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