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Autoradiographic Investigation of Secretory Characteristics of Surface Tension Lowering Substance in Eustachian Tube

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자가방사능법으로 조사한 이관 표면활성물질의 분비양상
김, 용대; 김, 종식; 전, 재윤; 도, 문경; 송, 계원; 박, 기현
Taehan Ibi Inhukwa Hakhoe chi, 37(5):890-898, 1994
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Taehan Ibi Inhukwa Hakhoe chi; Journal of the Korean Otolaryngological Society; 대한이비인후과학회지
Recently, the existence of surface active substance in the eustachian tube has been reported. The chemical composition and surface tension lowering properties of surface tension lowering substance(STLS) were found to be almost identical in both

lung and

eustachian tube. However, specific secretory site of eustachian STLS have not so far been studied extensively.

Authors investigated secretory activities and sites of the tubotympanum lining of normal conditions in the rabbit by using autoradiography with 쿓-palmitic acid on the eustschian tube. This investigation is a part of the primary study to



dynamics of cell secretion. The epithelium of eustachian tube is covered with ciliated cell, nonciliated cell, basal cell and secretory cell. A large amount of isotope was observed in the secretory cells within the epithelium of eustachian tube.


result suggests that the secretory cell is the main site for producing eustachian tube STLS. A further investigation for the secretory site of eustachian tube STLS by using electron microscopic autoradiography will be necessary.
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