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An Experience of Early Surgical Intervention for Neurofibromatosis Type Ⅱ

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Neurofibromatosis Type Ⅱ환자의 조기수술 치험례
전, 영명; 박, 기현; 이, 원석; 조, 경기
Taehan Ibi Inhukwa Hakhoe chi, 40(10):1482-1486, 1997
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Taehan Ibi Inhukwa Hakhoe chi; Journal of the Korean Otolaryngological Society; 대한이비인후과학회지
Neurofibromatosis type II(NF2) is -clinically characterized by the presence of bilateral vestibular schwannomas. The exclusive. goal in management of NF2 patients is hearing preservation. It has been controversial to determine whether to´.vMt and see or to try early surgical management for- hearing preservation.

The authors experienced a case of vestibular schwannoma in association with NF2, which was partially removed and decompressed via middle fossa approach with hearing preservation. Based on our experience, we recommend a new strategy for hearing preservation on early surgical intervention of vestibular schwannoma. The criterias of the patient include (1) bilateral normal or serviceable hearing (2) small sized tumorand (3) young age. We suggest that the early surgical intervention including decompression may be considered for the hearing

preservation especially on the favorable side to approach.
Neurofibromatosis Type ⅡMiddle fossa approachHearing preservation
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