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Measurement of Korean Ossicles

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한국인의 이소골 계측
김, 희남; 이, 호기; 박, 기현; 정, 명현; 김, 원석; 정, 인혁
Taehan Ibi Inhukwa Hakhoe chi, 41(8):994-998, 1998
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Taehan Ibi Inhukwa Hakhoe chi; Journal of the Korean Otolaryngological Society; 대한이비인후과학회지
Background and Objectives: There are several factors affecting the result of the ossiculoplasty such as the severity of the pathology, the operating technique and the reconstruction material, etc. So far, most of the ossicular materials



been developed were not perfect and some of the commercialized materials are not suitable for Koreans. We investigated the dimensions of the Korean ossicles and the space between the handle of the malleus and the plane of the stapes in order to

standardize the artificial ossiles to fit Koreans.

Materials and Methods: Sixteen cadaveric Korean temporal bones which did not have any pathology of tympanic membrane and ossicles were used for this study. We dissected the temporal bones


measured the related dimensions of ossicles under a surgical microscope.

Results: The dimensions of the part of ossicles are as follows : (1) length (㎜), 1) malleus head 3.46±0.57, neck 0.91±0.17, handle 4.40±0.29 ; 2) incus short


2.42±0.35, long process 3.31±0.57 ; 3) stapes head and neck 0.79±0.19, height of crura 2.24±0.34 : (2) diameter (long, short) (㎜), stapes head 0.95±0.20, 0.73±0.11, footplate 2.91±0.20, 1.38±0.16. The distance between the stapes head and


malleus handle was 3±0.3 ㎜, and between the stapes footplate and the malleus handle 5.1±0.4 ㎜. The angle between a line from the malleus handle to the head of stapes and a perpendicular line of stapes footplate passing the center of stapes



29±7 degree. The angle between a line from the malleus handle to the stapes footplate and a perpendicular line of stapes footplate passing the center of stages head was 17±5 degree.

Conclusion: We collected normal data of dimensions of


Korean ossicles from cadaveric temporal bones. The differences in the dimensions between ossicles of the Korean and the non-Koreans were observed. The observed data from this study should be useful in the development of the artificial ossicular

materials suitable for the Koreans.
한국인이소골 측정망치뼈모루골등골KoreanMeasurementMalleusIncusStapes
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