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Manometric Characteristics of the Pharynx and upper Esophageal Sphincter in theTotal Laryngectomized Patient

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dc.description.abstractBackground and Objectibes: Total laryngectomy is usually used for patients with advanced laryngeal cancer, and causes injuries to hypopharyngeal mucosa, cricopharyngeal muscle, pharyngeal constrictor muscle. These damages induce postoperative swallowing difficulties, although accurate and objective data have not been reported. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the changes and functional difficulties of swallowing mechanism in patients with total laryngectomy by manometric analysis.

Material and Methods: We used station pull-through technique in two groups. The study group consisted of 11 total laryngectomized patients, and the control group consisted of 10 cases. We measured resting pressure, length, pressure after relaxation of UES (upper esophageal sphincter), and pharyngeal pressure. And 5 parameters were analyzed for coordination of hypopharynx and UES during swallowing.

Results: In the study group, the resting pressure, the maximal pressure after relaxation, and the length of UES was 36.3+/-10.5 mmHg, 149.8+/-14.6 mmHg, and 3.4+/-0.8 cm respectively. In the control group, the results was 34.9+/-9.6 mmHg, 85.5+/-12.3 mmHg, 2.2+/-0.6 cm respectively. The pharyngeal pressure was 81.8+/-10.1 mmHg in the study group, and 67.1+/-12.3 mmHg in the control group. The interval of pharyngeal constriction was 3.0+/-0.23 sec in the study group and 0.49+/-0.04 sec in the control group. The interval of UES relaxation was 2.43+/-0.14 sec in the study group and 0.99+/-0.03 sec in the control group.

Conclusion: Manometric analysis showed higher pressure of the pharynx and UES in the total laryngectomized patients than in the normal adults. And there was a failure in the coordination between pharyngeal constriction and UES relaxation.
dc.titleManometric Characteristics of the Pharynx and upper Esophageal Sphincter in theTotal Laryngectomized Patient-
dc.title.alternative후두전적출술을 시행받은 환자의 인두 및 상부식도괄약근 내압검사 소견-
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