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Relationship between nurses´ self concept and ethical concept

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간호사의 자아개념과 윤리적 개념인식과의 관계
김, 용순; 유, 문숙; 박, 지원; 손, 연정
Kanho Haengjŏng Hakhoe chi, 7(3):415-423, 2001
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Kanho Haengjŏng Hakhoe chi; The journal of Korean Nursing Administration Academic Society; 간호행정학회지
This descriptive study was designed to find out the relation between self concept and ethical concept of nurses. The data were collected from 224 staff nurses in a tertiary hospital located in Suwon city during Febn~ary `?~1 toI~hu-ch 7, ~Ol. Self concept was measured with questionnare developed by Chung (1965) and ethicil concept was measured with the questionnaire develo~~~l by the researcher. The 5 tx~int Likert sct>le questionnare had 95 items.

The results were summarized as follows

1) The mean score of self concept was 3.11. The ethical concept were measured in 4 ~. 3.15. So accountability was the areii with the highest score in ethical concept.

2) Nurses´ self concept was significantly related to ethical concept lcollaboration, r=.34, , p<.001; adv~xacv, r=.32. p<001; caring, r=.?8, p<.001; and responsibility, r=.23. p<.001).

3) The self concept was significant in age(F=3.28, p=.0001 and the ethical concept was significant in age(F=15.3, p=.000), education level(t=2.16. p=0.03), career(F=5.16, p=.001)

In conclusion, there was a significant relationship between self concept and ethical concept of nurses. High score in accountability may be related to high level of legal responsibility of nurses.

This finding suggests that it is the length of nursing career i~ significantly related to Ix~th self -concept and ethical concept. Thus, it is imp<~rtant to improve self concept in order ´~o improve ethic~il concept of nurses from early the beginning of their coneer.
자아개념윤리적 개념인식self conceptethical concept
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