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The Status of Nursing Ethics Education in Korea 4-year-College of Nursing

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간호윤리 교육현황 - 4년제 대학교육을 중심으로
한, 성숙; 김, 용순; 엄, 영란; 안, 성희
Han'guk Kanho Kyoyuk Hakhoe chi, 5(2):376-387, 1999
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Han'guk Kanho Kyoyuk Hakhoe chi; Journal of Korean Academic Society of Nursing Education; 한국간호교육학회지
Purpose : To provide fundamental data to present further direction of education on Nursing Ethics by investigating the status of Nursing Ethics education performed at 4-year-Colleges of Nursing. Korea. Methods : A descriptive survey study The data collected from 28 universities through a questionnaire to examine the status of Nursing Ethics education in Korea. Results : I. Teaching Nursing Ethics class as a independent subject-6(21.4%) universities. 1) The average of 23.67 hours(2 credits) in the total educational hours. 2) Teaching method-theoretical class, discussion of case study, discussion of related issues, presentation of video tapes and discussion, team education, role play, and submission of reports. 3) Education contents-Nursing profession and ethics, the dignity of human life, necessity of bioethics, ethical theory and refutation, code for nurses, ethical issues between nurses and patients, nurses and co-workers, and nurses and nurses 6 universities 4) 5 universities-Included ethical decision making, artificial insemination, external insemination, artificial abortion, organ transplantation, brain death, human subject of study suicide, and euthanasia. II. Teaching Nursing Ethics as an inclusive theme in other subjects-22 (78.57%) universities. 1) Educated in Introduction of Nursing (14 universities), Nursing Management, Nursing Ethics and Philosophy, Special Nursing, Nursing and Law, and Professional Nursing. 2) Educational course-Taught in freshman level at 14 universities, average 9.32 education hours. Conclusion: Showed not only that universities, not operating Nursing Ethics as a independent class, unreasonably operate and assign too many contents in comparing with its education hours and are likely to become only a cramming education but also professors whose major is not Nursing Ethics presently in charge need to take a chance to supplement their knowledge and teaching method.
간호윤리학간호윤리교육간호윤리 교과과정Nursing EthicsNursing Ethics EducationCurriculum of Nursing Ethics
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