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The Reduction and Fixation in Periorbital Bone Fracture via the Supratarsal Fold Incision

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쌍꺼풀주름선절개(Supratarsal Fold Incision) 경로를 이용한 안와주위의 골절의 정복과 고정
정, 재호; 강, 민범; 이, 병민; 박, 명철
Journal of the Korean Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons, 28(5):457-462, 2001
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Journal of the Korean Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons; 대한성형외과학회지
For the approach to the supraorbital rim and frontozygomatic suture line, surgeons have used the bicoronal incision or lateral eyebrow incision. However it may leave the scar or alopecia. For the successful surgical repair of the frontal sinus

fracture and frontozygomaticomaxillary complex fracture, we reviewed the use of the supratarsal fold incision, and selected cases of the open reduction and fixation of frontal sinus fracture and frontozygomatic suture line fractures.

We investigated six cases, two were frontal sinus anterior wall fracture and four were frontozygomaticomaxillary complex fracture. The patients underwent bony reduction via supratarsal fold incision to expose the frontal sinus and frontozygomatic suture line.

In all six cases, the supratarsal fold incision provided very satisfactory exposure of lateral orbital wall, frontozygomatic suture line, frontal sinus and supraorbital rim. No patients had post-operative alopecia, scar, ptosis, lagophthalmus and


The supratarsal fold incision provides excellent approaches to the frontozygomatic suture line and frontal sinus and there was not any post-operative complicaitons. So it may be the option for the approach to the superolateral orbital rim or supraorbital rim for frontal sinus simple fracture and non-comminuted fractures at frontozygomatic suture area.
Supratarsal fold incisionPeriorbital incision
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