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A Preliminary Study on the Typology of Male Spouse Abusers in Korea

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가정폭력 남성 가해자의 유형화에 관한 예비적 연구
김, 현수; 신, 윤미; 조, 선미; 정, 영기; 임, 기영
Journal of Korean Neuropsychiatric Association, 43(4):461-469, 2004
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Journal of Korean Neuropsychiatric Association; 신경정신의학
Objectives: The aim of this study was to investigate the typology of male spouse abusers. The enacted law related family violence enabled us to contact male spouse abusers directly. The typology of male spouse abusers may contribute to the development of screening tools and intervention programs for domestic violence.

Methods: Our study population was consisted of perpetrators of family violence referred by a probatinal office. They received the parole and probation order from the court. We interviewed and examined ninety-nine men. Also they completed the report self-questionnaires, MMPI, BDI, sex-role, self-esteem, aggression inventory. We tried to typologize the MMPI clusters and other factors.

Results: The result of clusters based on MMPI profiles represented three groups, cluster 1 (N=19), cluster 2 (N=45) and cluster 3 (N=35). There are no differences on age, education, economic status, criminal history and others. Statistically significant factors among three groups were sex-role identity, self-esteem, depression. In cluster 1, developmental & current life status was relatively pathologic and chaotic. In cluster 2, they were relatively less pathologic, less chaotic. In cluster 3, they showed strong tendency to masculinity to seek for.

Conclusion: Our preliminary results presented that different groups needed different approaches. We considered that cluster 1 group might be more accessible to psychiartic treatment, cluster 2 group need cognitive education, structural group therapy, couple therapy, and individual therapy, cluster 3 group need education about knowledge and attitude for sex-role, masculinity, socio-cultural reconstruction.
Family violenceTypologyMMPIIntervention
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