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The Development of Evaluation Criteria Model for Discriminating Specialized General Hospital

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종합전문요양기관 인정기준 모형 개발
전, 기홍; 강, 혜영; 강, 대룡; 남, 정모; 이, 계철
Korean Journal of Health Policy and Administration, 15(4):46-64, 2005
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Korean Journal of Health Policy and Administration; 보건행정학회지
This study was conducted to verify the current criteria and classification system used to determine specialized general hospitals status. In this study, we proposed a new classification system which Is simpler and more convenient than the current one. In the new classification system clinical procedure was chosen as the unit of analysis in order to reflect all the resource consumption and the complexities and degree of medical technologies in determining specialized general hospitals. We developed a statistical model and applied this model to 117 general hospitals which claim their national insurance through electronic data interchange(EDI). Analysis based on 984 clinical procedures and medical facilities' characteristic variable discriminated specialized general hospital in present without misclassification. It means that we can determine specialized general hospital's permission In new way without using the current complicated criteria. This study discriminated specialized general hospital by the new proposed model based on clinical procedures provided by each hospital. For clustering the same types of medical facilities using 984 clinical procedures, we executed multidimensional scale analysis and divided 117 hospitals into 4 groups by two axises : a variety of procedure and the Proportion of high technology Procedure. Therefore, we divided 117 hospitals into 4 groups and one of them was considered as specialized general hospital. In discriminating analysis, we abstracted proportion of 16 clinical procedures which effect on discriminating the specialized general hospital in statistical system also we identify discriminating function which include these variables. As a result, we identify 2 discriminating functions, one is for current discriminating system and the other two is for new discriminating system of specialized general hospital.
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