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A Study on the Hospital Information System in Korea

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우리나라 병원정보시스템 실태에 관한 연구
전, 기홍; 조, 우현
Korean Journal of Health Policy and Administration, 4(2):1-26, 1994
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Korean Journal of Health Policy and Administration; 보건행정학회지
As the hospital environment is changing rapidly, management is therefore obligated to use new ways to provide better service to patients. For example information system is introduced to some hospitals in Korea. Information system has several benefits such a soperational efficiency by on-line delivery and processing of data, accurate and rapid information production, continuous monitoring of performance and feedback, improvement of work process and better service quality. Still, many hospitals cannot be sure that information system is useful for improving organization performance. Because only one or two area of hospital information system were considered for development and with limited development hospital information system cannot be used effectively. The purpose of this study is to suggest the model of information system utilizaton and to analyze the hospital in formation system in Korea. The results are following; 1. In Korea, proportion of operating system of comuter is 31% of UNIX, 11% of IBM OS and 10% of PC LAN. 2. As we expect, scope of application software and amounts of heardware and software invest ments are affected by concern of CEO. 3. Many CIO(chief information officer) say that the biggest problems are lack of after-service and obsolescence of computer equipments in terms of hardware and shortage of application software for hospital in terms of software. 4. Personnel of information system department is so small that hospital information system can't be improved. 5. During the development of information system, full-time participation of end user is only 20% hospital with almost less than 12 person-month. This study was accomplished by survey through mail questionnaires. Response to the survey was only 55% and it was hard to generalize all the result obtained from this survey. However, We hope that this study would be helpful for helth care organization to acknowlege hospital information system in korea and to design the future architecture and frame of information system.
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