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Common whelk (Buccinum undatum) allergy: Sensitization rate and its relationship with other food allergens

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골뱅이(Buccinum undatum) 알레르기: 감작률과 다른 음식물 항원과의 연관성
이, 재영; 윤, 성호; 서, 유진; 최, 정희; 서, 창희; 남, 동호; 김, 윤근; 민, 경업; 박, 해심
Chʿŏnsik mit alrerugi, 24(1):77-84, 2004
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Chʿŏnsik mit alrerugi; Journal of asthma, allergy and clinical immunology; Korean journal of asthma, allergy and clinical immunology; 천식 및 알레르기
Background: The common whelk (Buccinum undatum) is one of the largest and most com¬mon snails in the North Atlantic. In Korea and Japan. common whelk is a popular eatable shell¬fish. Although shellfish has been known as the one of the most common causes of food allergy, there has been no published report on allergenecity and clinical significance of this sea snail. In this study, we determined the sensitization rate to common whelk and its relationship with other food allergens in allergy patients.

Method : We carried out the skin prick test (SPT) with commonly consumed foodstuffs in Korea including common whelk in 1700 patients over 1 year. The specific IgE to common whelk were detected by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA). ELISA inhibition test using sensitized sera was conducted.

Results : SPT to common whelk was positive (?2+) in 83 (4.9%) patients studied. Twenty -four (38.7%) of 62 SPT-positive patients had high serum specific IgE to common whelk. ELISA inhibition test showed significant inhibitions by abalone as well as by common whelk and. minimal inhibition were noted by shrimp. Significant correlation was also noted in specific IgE levels between common whelk and abalone (r=0.58. P(?.05).

Conclusion : IgE-sensitization rate to common whelk was 4.9% in allergy patients. Further studies are needed to evaluate the clinical significance of sensitized patients to common whelk, and to confirm a cross reactivity with abalone. (J Asthma Allergy Clin Immunol 24: 77-84, 2004)
common whelkfood allergyspecific IgE
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