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Cognitive Impairment and Peripheral Neuropathy by Mixed Organic Solvents in Spray Painters Working in a Shipbuilding Industry

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조선소 도장부서 근로자의 혼합 유기용제 노출에 의한 인지기능 장애와 말초신경병증
주, 인수; 김, 장성; 허, 균; 김, 재일; 이, 경종; 정, 호근; 김, 광수
Taehan Sin'gyŏngkwa Hakhoe chi : sin'gyŏnghak, 18(3):311-318, 2000
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Taehan Sin'gyŏngkwa Hakhoe chi : sin'gyŏnghak; Journal of the Korean Neurological Association : neurology
Background : Exposure to organic solvents becomes a common problem to workers of

heavy industries in Korea. A number of volatile organic solvents which are frequently used in painting can cause various derangements of the nervous system, especially cognitive impairments and peripheral neuropathy.

Methods : This study was carried out on 190 workers as a control group who had never been exposed to organic solvents and on 674 spray painters with long-term exposure to organic solvent mixtures. The major components of organic solvent mixtures were determined. All subjects underwent neurological examination as well as

routine physical check-up after completing questionnaires on general, musculoskeletal,

neuropsychiatric and neurological systems. Subjects with abnormal findings on

neurological examination related with the exposure of organic solvent mixtures took

further neuropsychological and neurophysiological tests.

Results : The prevalence rates of cognitive impairments and of peripheral neuropathy

in the exposed group were significantly higher than the control group (9.5% vs 2.1%

and 2.1% vs 0%, respectively). High exposure group (more than 2.64 of cumulative

exposure index, CEI) showed also higher prevalence of cognitive impairments and of

peripheral neuropathy than low exposure group (cognitive impairments; 12.3% vs 6.4%,

peripheral neuropathy; 2.3% vs 1.8%). Most common cognitive impairments were

attentional deficit, and abnormal sense on the extremities or face was most common

symptom of the peripheral nervous system.

Conclusions : The study is the first large-scale, case-control study extensively

evaluating cognitive impairments and peripheral neuropathy related with volatile organic solvent mixtures in spray painters working in a shipbuilding industry in Korea. The results show that the prevalence rates of cognitive impairments and of peripheral

neuropathy are relatively low, but clearly related with the exposure extent of organic

Mixed organic solventsPrevalence rateCognitive impairmentPeripheral neuropathy
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