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Implication Angiogenesis and Expression of VEGF in Follicular Thyroid Tumor

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여포상 갑상선종양에서 신생혈관형성 및 혈관내피성장인자(VEGF)의 발현의 의의
류, 기선; 소, 의영; 김, 명욱; 임, 현이
Korean journal of head & neck oncology, 14(1):70-75, 1998
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Korean journal of head & neck oncology; 대한두경부종양학회지
Tumor growth and metastasis depends on angiogenesis. vascular endothelial growth

factor(VEGF) is a potent mitogen for vascular endothelial cells in vitro and promotes neoangiogcnesis

Objective : Follicular thyroid cancers(FTC) are a vascular tumor and traditionally

metastasize via blood vessels. Likely other cancers, angiogenesis may play a important

role in FTC. We, therefore, investigated the expression of VEGF and microvascular

density by immunohistochemistry in FTG and microvascular adenoma(FA).

Materials and Methods : Findings of immunohistochemical stainings for VEGF and

CD31 were measured by grading scale from +1 to 4+(strongest) and by counting the

stained microvessels in 14 FTCs and 14 FAs

Results : 1) Expression of VEGF. a) FTCs have stronger expression than FAs in

areas of tumor adjacent to capsule(mean±SD : 3.2?0.9 vs 2.0±0.9, p<0.01) and in

central area(2.3±0.7 vs 1.3±0.6, p<0.01). b) The VEGF expression of capsular area in

FTCs are higher than that of central area(p<0.05). 2) Microvascular density CD3l. a)

FTCs have more microvessels than FAs in areas of adjacent to capsule(78.9±27.3 vs

38.7±15.6, p<0.01) and in central area(75.5±23.3 vs 27.8±10.7, p0.05)

Conclusion : The higher expression ol VEGF and microvascular density in FTC

suggests angiogenesis plains an important role in progression of FTC.
AngiogenesisVascular endothelial growth factor(VEGF)Follicular thyroid cancer CD31Immunohistochemistry
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