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Differential Diagnosis of Class 3 Profile

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3 급 부정교합자의 연조직 측모 감별에 관한 연구
이, 정근; 이, 승훈; 황, 병남; 이, 재봉
Taehan Akanmyŏn Sŏnghyŏng Chaegŏn Oekwa Hakhoe chi, 22(2):174-183, 2000
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Taehan Akanmyŏn Sŏnghyŏng Chaegŏn Oekwa Hakhoe chi; The journal of the Korean Academy of Maxillofacial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery; 대한악안면성형재건외과학회지
This study was performed to investigate the characteristics of soft tissue profile of the class III malocclusion and to test the yardstick for differential diagnosis between surgical and orthodontic patients.Initial lateral cephalograms of orthodontic group(30 patients) that have acceptable occlusion and profile by orthodontic treatment alone and surgical group(30 patients) that have favorable occlusion and profile by combined surgical-orthodontic treatment were selected in Ajou university hospital. Powell and Burstone II analysis were made on the tracing. Descriptive, comparative, factor, cluster, and discriminant analysis were carried out with computer program. The results were as followings: 1. Patients who received surgery had a more concave profile and a longer lower facial height than patients who received orthodontic treatment alone. 2. Nasolabial angle, ratio of vertical height, and mentolabial sulcus were significantly different at the 5% level. And facial protuberance, upper lip protuberance, mentocervical angle, nasofrontal angle, nasomental angle, mandibular vertical height, angle between cervix and lower face, ratio of mandibular vertical height divided by cervical depth, ratio of vertical height between upper and lower lip, and maxillary protuberance were significantly different at the 1% level. 3. 8 factors were extracted and factor 2, 3, and 8 showed significant differences by factor analysis. 4. Orthodontic group (25) and surgical group (35) were classified by cluster analysis. 5. Discriminant function was D = 0.079Nasomental angle + 0.081Sn-Gn + 3.343Sn-Gn/C-Gn + 1.734Sn-St/St-Me’ -26.460, and cutting score was 0, so we can discriminate that orthodontic group has the score above 0, and surgery group below 0. And 91.7% of original grouped cases were correctly classified.
Class 3 profileDiscriminant analysis
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