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Specific IgE Antibodies to D. farinae Whole Body Extract, Der f Ⅰ and Der f Ⅱ in Child Age Groups

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dc.description.abstractTo evaluate the early IgE antibody response to house dust mite in child, we measured the specific: IgE antibodies to whole body extract(WBE), of D. farinae, and two major allergens, Der f I and Der f H by ELISA(enzyme-linked immunosorbentassay) in sera frorr´ 173 children less than. 16 years old who visited Allergy Clinic in Severance Hospital with the chief complains of respiratory and/or dermatologic allergic disease.

1. The levels of WBE specific IgE antibody were steadily increased accoding to the increase of age groups, and there was the significant difference between less than four years of age groups.(0.0620129 vs 0.5000.361; t-test, p<0.05).

2. The levels of Der f I and Der f H specific IgE antibodies were also steadily increased by age, and there were noted significant differences between before and after years of age groups(in Der f I : 0.0270.030 vs 0.0820.076, in Der f H ; 0.3340.267 vs respectively, t-test, p<0.05).

3. In all age groups over 4 year, the responses of specific IgE antibody to Der f Il were significantly higher than the responses to Der f L.

In conclusion, these results suggest that IgE antibody response to house dust mite significantly rise after 4 year of age and Der f 11 may be more important than Der f I in the development of early IgE response to house dust mite antigen in Korean children.
dc.titleSpecific IgE Antibodies to D. farinae Whole Body Extract, Der f Ⅰ and Der f Ⅱ in Child Age Groups-
dc.title.alternative소아에서 연령군에 따른 집먼지진드기 주항원(Der f Ⅰ과 Der f Ⅱ)에 대한 특이 IgE 항체의 변화-
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dc.citation.titleSoa Allerŭgi mit Hohŭpgi Hakhoe chi-
dc.citation.titlePediatric allergy and respiratory disease-
dc.identifier.bibliographicCitationSoa Allerŭgi mit Hohŭpgi Hakhoe chi, 5(2):117-124, 1995-
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