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The Significance of Buckwheat Chaff Stuffed Pillow on the Sensitization to Buckwheat in Asthmatic Children

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소아천식 환자에서 메밀 베개 사용에 의한 메밀항원 감작의 중요성
이, 수영; 배, 기수; 이, 기선; 전, 계리; 홍, 창호
Soa Allerŭgi mit Hohŭpgi Hakhoe chi, 10(4):290-298, 2000
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Soa Allerŭgi mit Hohŭpgi Hakhoe chi; Pediatric allergy and respiratory disease; 소아알레르기호흡기학회지
Purpose : Buckwheat flour(BF) is known as a potent food allergen. Its sensitization usually occurs by ingestion, but also by inhalation due to occupational or domestic exposure. We underwent this study to identify an effect of buckwheat chaff stuffed pillow(BCP) exposure on sensitization to BF and clinical BF allergy in asthmatic children.

Method : We obtained detailed history of BCP exposure in 36 asthmatic children (aged 0.7-14.2 years). We also performed RIA for specific IgE, BCP-eliminationprovocation test. All subjects were divided into 3 groups, Group I(continuous BCP exposurers, n=13), Group II(previous exposurers, n=11), and Group M(non-exposurers to BCP, n=12) and all subjects had no history of ingestion of BF containing foods.

Results : In the 13 Group I cases, the durations of BCP exposure were 1-6 years, and 8 of them were users of BCP themselves, 5 were indirect exposurers by family members´ BCP. The positive rates of BF specific IgE were 92.3, 36.4% and 8.3% in the Group I, If and III, respectively(Chi-square test, P<0.05). While the positive rates of house dust mites specific ´´19E were not significantly different among three groups. Twelve out of 13 Group I cases sensitized to BF, and 9 of those 12 were not sensitized to house dust mites. Eight out of 13 Group I cases were positive in BCP elimination-provocation test, during 6-24 month follow-up periods, 7 of them were man-aged effectively by BCP elimination only.

Conclusion : Taken together, a small amount of BF attached to BCP can induce BF sensitization and BCP can be a major cause of childhood nocturnal asthma.
Buckwheat flourBuckwheat chaff stuffed pillow(BCP)Childhood asthmaBF specific IgEBCP elimination-provocation test
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