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Sonographic Findings of Ovarian Hemorrhage Presenting Acute Abdomen

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dc.description.abstractPURPOSE: To obtain the characteristic sonographic findings of ovarian hemorrhage and investigate the usefulness of ultrasonography in the diagnosis.

MATERIALS and METHODS: Forty-nine cases presenting acute abdomen diagnosed as

ovarian hemorrhage by ultrasonography or surgicopathological confirmation. We observed the size and margin of the ovary, size, pattern, shape, wall and internal echogenecity of the masses and the amount of hemoperitoneum. We also performed a color Doppler study to evaluate the blood flow pattern and resisitive index(RI).

RESULTS: The age of patients were between 21 41. Most symptoms occurred from days 14 to 30 of her menstrual cycle and were presented for less than 24 hours.

Twenty patients had a history of intercourse shortly before the onset of the symptom.

Thirty Two cases involved the right ovary while the other 17 cases involved the left.

All patients had a negative urine or serum hCG test except for 4 pregnant women. The

size of the ovary was measured as mean 5.1cm and marginal irregularity was noted in

36 cases. Mixed echoic solid masses were observed in 6 cases and variable echogenecity of cystic masses were seen in 43 cases. Maximal diameter of adnexal masses were measured as mean 3.95cm. Internal echogenecity of cystic masses appeared as mainly heterogeneous(21). Twenty two cystic masses had a thick irregular wall and 17 had a thin smooth wall. Hypoechoic rimlike halo surrounding was noted in 17 cystic masses.

17 cases seemed to have a small amount of hemoperitoneum, a moderate amount in 22

cases and a large amount in 9 cases. The blood flow pattern of cystic masses showed a

rim(29) and spotty(8) pattern in the color Doppler study. Measured RI was 0.41(mean).

CONCLUSION: Fertile women with the complaint of acute abdominal pain, who has the

laboratory data of negative hCG test, ultrasonographic findings of enlargement of ovary with irregular margin, heterogeneous echoic cystic mass, peripheral halo surrounding the mass, hemoperitoneum and low resistance index of peripheral blood flow of the mass may be useful for the diagnosis of ovarian hemorrhage and differentiating it from other causes presenting acute abdomen.
dc.titleSonographic Findings of Ovarian Hemorrhage Presenting Acute Abdomen-
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dc.identifier.bibliographicCitationTaehan Ch'oŭmp'a Ŭihakhoe chi, 19(1):29-34, 2000-
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