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Health Effects of Aircraft Noise on Residents Living Near an Airport

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항공기 소음이 지역 주민들에게 미치는 건강영향
이, 경종; 박, 재범; 장, 재연; 조, 선미; 이, 세휘; 김, 종구; 이, 순영
Taehan Sanŏp Ŭihakhoe chi, 11(4):534-545, 1999
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Taehan Sanŏp Ŭihakhoe chi; 대한산업의학회지
Objectives : This study was conducted to reveal the health effects of aircraft noise on the residents live near the military airport.

Methods : We sampled systematically 87 residents as the high exposed group, 58 resi-

dents as the low exposed group according to the geographical distance from the airport.

We also sampled 67 residents as the control group lived far from. the airport. Noise levels were measured for conform the exposures. Self-administered questionnaires for symptoms, air conduction hearing threshold level, blood pressure blood cholesterol with health examinations, and SCL-90-R were introduced to get the data from the residents.

Results : The Ld/n at the area near the airport was 72.4 dB, however that of control

area was 67.7 dB. The value of pure tone average, high pure tone average, and threshold of 4,000 Hz were decreased with exposure level significantly. Linear regression analysis showed that the noise exposure level of the airport was related to the hearing threshold at pure tone average, threshold of 4,000 Hz, and high pure tone average. The systemic and diastolic blood pressure showed dose-response relationship with noise exposure. The prevalence of hypertension was higher in exposed group, but not statistically significant.

In linear regression, noise level was related to systolic and diastolic blood pressure with other variables such as age, sex, BMKBody Mass Index), and family history of hypertension. SCL-90-R showed that exposed group had higher score significantly in neurotic and psychologic variable and felt the various somatic symptoms.

Conclusions : These results suggest that aircraft noise would influence hearing loss at low frequencies as well as 4,000 Hz and higher frequencies, systolic and diastolic blood pressure, and psychological response.
Aircraft noiseHearing lossBlood pressurePsychological response
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