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Development of Physiologically Based Pharmacokinetic Model for Several Volatile Organic Compounds

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독성물질의 생리학에 기본을 둔 약물동력학 (Physiologically based pharmacokinetic PB-PK) 모델 개발
장, 재연; 이, 경종; 정, 호근
Taehan Sanŏp Ŭihakhoe chi, 9(2):357-377, 1997
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Taehan Sanŏp Ŭihakhoe chi; 대한산업의학회지
Recently physiologically based pharmacokinetic (PB-PK) model has important role in industrial and environmental health. One of problem in application of PB-PK models is that they have uncertainties that is due to different input parameters according to authors. In order to develope a PB-PK model that hag good validity, the effect of several input parameters on simulation results was studies. Chemicals studied were perchloroethylene, toluene and styrene. Simulation of alveolar concentration, blood concentration and urinary metabolites was performed for three solvents, respectively.

Input parameters discusses were physiological parameters, metabolic parameters and partition coefficient of chemicals. By comparing simulation results according to several pairs of parameters with experimental data, input parameters that showed best fit were decided.
Physiologically based pharmacokinetic (PB-PK) modelTolueneStyrenePerchloroethylene
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