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Risk Factors for Prognosis in Nosocomial Acinetobacter Bacteremia

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원내감염 Acinetobacter 균혈증의 예후와 관련된 위험요인
신, 승수; 최, 영화; 오, 윤정; 이, 규성; 임, 병국; 박, 광주; 황, 성철; 이, 이형
Kamyŏm, 33(6):436-442, 2001
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Kamyŏm; Korean journal of infectious diseases; 감염
Background: Acinetobacter bacteremia is an emerging noscocomial infection. We tried to find significant risk factors associated with the prognosis of patients with Acinetobacter bacteremia.

Methods: A retropsective case-control study was designed. The odds estimation and multiple logistic regression for the categorical variables and Mann-Whitney test for the continuous variables were done.

Results: From September 1, 1999 to December 31, 2000 there were 25 adult patients with Acinetobacter bacteremia in Ajou University Hospital and 24 patients were confirmed as hospital acuuired. The median age and hospital length of stay before bacteremia was 52 years old and 9.5 days, respectively. There were 16 male patients. The overall mortality was 45.8% (11 of 24). Thus there were 11 cases (death) and 13 controls (survival) of mortality. Statistical analysis revealed statistically

significant differences between cases and controls in the terms of types of wards, central venous catheter, mechanical ventilation, total parenteral nutrition, and multi-resistant organisms. The multiple logistic regression analysis revealed that

the more significan independent factors associated with mortality were mechanical ventilation and multi-resistant organisms.

Conclusion: Acinetobacter bacteremia is a significant nosocomial infection. Espeicaly mechanical ventilation and multi-resistant organisms were independent risk factors associated with high mortality with Acinetobacter bacteremia.
Nosocomial Acinetobacter bacteremiaPrognosisRisk factorMulti-resistant organism
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