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Hearing Improvement by a Combined Therapy of Low Power Laser and Ginkgo-Extract on Sudden Deafness

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돌발성 난청에서의 저출력 레이저와 Ginkgo-Extract의 병용요법에 의한 청력개선
박, 기현; 박, 홍준; 정, 연훈; 김, 병철
Taehan Ch'ŏnggak Hakhoe chi, 2(1):81-86, 1998
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Taehan Ch'ŏnggak Hakhoe chi; Korean Journal of Audiology; 대한청각학회지
Sudden deafness is a rapidly progressive, partial or complete, typically unilateral

sensorineural hearing impairment which is frequently encountered with no known

specific etiology in clinical practice. Many treatment protocols for this disease have been introduced until now, however they did not maine us satisfied. Recently a new combined therapy of low power laser and ginkgo-extract has been introduced which rational is reactivation of decreased cell metabolism by stabilizing vascular wall, washing out toxic materials from blood and gene activation. The purpose of this study is to analyse clinical result of this trial by comparing wish that of anticoagulant therapy and to provide the basic data for application of this therapy as a new treatment modality on sudden deafness. In this study 51 patients were treated with laser and ginkgo-extract therapy, and 37 patients were treated with anticoagulant therapy as control. Both groups ware combined with steroid therapy. Treatment wish this trial had as a good result as

anticoagulant therapy and it was more comfortable to patients without side reactions.
Sudden deafnessLow power laserGinkgo-extractHeparin
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