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Alterations of Coagulation and Fibrinolysis System in Lung Cancer

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폐암 환자에서 혈액 응고 및 섬유소 용해계의 이상
김, 형중; 김, 은숙; 안, 철민; 김, 성규; 이, 원영; 송, 경순; 박, 광주
The Korean journal of medicine, 54(4):467-472, 1998
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The Korean journal of medicine; 대한내과학회지
Objectives : It is well known that malignant diseases exhibit an increased propensity

to clotting and fibrinolytic aberrations and early detection of these hemostatic alterations is very important for the rapid institution of appropriate treatment of thromboembolic and hemorrhagic complications in patients with malignant disease. The incidence of these abnormalities in lung cancer was reported from 20% up to 95% according to various investigators using different hemostatic parameters. We measured the concentrations of plasma thrombinantithrombin Ⅲ complex(TAT) and plasmin-α 2-plasmin inhibitor complex(PIC), which are newly developed sensitive

molecular markers of coagulation and fibrinolysis system respectively in patients with lung cancer and determined the degree of these hemostatic abnormalities according to the histologic types and different clinical stages in patients with lung cancer.

Methods : We measured the concentrations of plasma TAT and PIC in 62 patients

with histologically confirmed lung cancer, and we determined stage radiologically in

nonsurgical patients and pathologically in surgical patients. The plasma TAT and PIC

levels were assayed using a solid phase enzyme immunoassay with Enzygnost-TAT

kit(Behringwerke, Marburg, Germany) and Enzygnost-PAP kit(Behringwerke, Marburg,

Germany), respectively.

Results : The concentrations of plasma TAT(6.8±4.8ng/mL) and PIC(644.3±330.5

ng/mL) in Patients with lung cancer were significantly increased compared to those of

plasma TAT(2.8± 1.2 ng/mL) and PIC(240.4±69.7 ng/mL) in control subjects(p0.05).

Conclusions : There was a subclinical activation of coagulation and fibrinolysis system in patients with lung cancer although they don't have overt clinical evidences of

thromboembolism or hemorrhage. But there were no different activation of coagulation

and fiblinolysis system according to histologic types and clinical stages.
Thrombin-antithrombin Ⅲ complex(TAT)Plasmin-α2-plasmin inhibitor complex(PIC)Lung cancer
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