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WHO Classification of Malignant Lymphomas in Korea: Report of the Third Nationwide Study

Kim, JM; Ko, YH; Lee, SS; Huh, J; Kang, CS; Kim, CW; Kang, YK; Go, JH; Kim, MK; Kim, WS; Kim, YJ; Kim, HJ; Kim, HK; Nam, JH; Moon, HB; Park, CK; Park, TI; Oh, YH; Lee, DW; Lee, JS; Lee, J; Lee, H; Lim, SC; Jang, KY; Chang, HK; Jeon, YK; Jung, HR; Cho, MS; Cha, HJ; Choi, SJ; Han, JH; Hong, SH; Kim, I
Korean journal of pathology, 45(3):254-260, 2011
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Korean journal of pathology
BACKGROUND: The aim of study was to determine the relative frequency of malignant lymphoma according to World Health Organization (WHO) classification in Korea.

METHODS: A total of 3,998 cases diagnosed at 31 institutes between 2005 and 2006 were enrolled. Information including age, gender, pathologic diagnosis, site of involvement and immunophenotypes were obtained.

RESULTS: The relative frequency of non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL) and Hodgkin lymphoma (HL) was 95.4% and 4.6%, respectively. B-cell lymphomas accounted for 77.6% of all NHL, while T/natural killer (T/NK)-cell lymphomas accounted for 22.4%. The most frequent subtypes of NHL were diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (42.7%), extranodal marginal zone B-cell lymphoma (MZBCL) of mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue (19.0%), NK/T-cell lymphoma (6.3%) and peripheral T-cell lymphoma (PTCL), unspecified (6.3%), in decreasing order. The relative frequency of HL was nodular sclerosis (47.4%), mixed cellularity (30.6%), and nodular lymphocyte predominant (12.1%) subtypes. Compared with a previous study in 1998, increase in gastric MZBCL and nodular sclerosis HL, and slight decrease of follicular lymphoma, PTCL, and NK/T-cell lymphoma were observed.

CONCLUSIONS: Korea had lower rates of HL and follicular lymphoma, and higher rates of extranodal NHL, extranodal MZBCL, and NK/T-cell lymphoma of nasal type compared with Western countries. Changes in the relative frequency of lymphoma subtypes are likely ascribed to refined diagnostic criteria and a change in national health care policy.
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