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Expression of NSAID activated gene-1 by EGCG in Head and Neck Cancer: Involvement of ATM-dependent p53 expression

Kang, Sung Un; Lee, Bok-Soon; Kang, Sam; Lee, Bum Hei; Kim, Chul-Ho
Department of Otolaryngology
NAG-1 and EGCG has demonstrated encouraging preclinical results against panel of HNSCC, oral cavity SCC, larynx SCC.

The mechanism of EGCG mediated antitumor activity is currently under study. Observed effects include inhibition of MTT assay, Transfection and induction of tumor cell apoptosis.

In this study, we investigated the effect of EGCG-induced NAG-1 induction of apoptosis in HNSCC cancer lines. Subsequently, we found that pro-apoptotic proteins (NAG-1 and p53) and cell cycle inhibitor (p21) were induced in the presence of EGCG, and kinase pathways, including ataxia telangiectasia mutated (ATM), play an important role in activating these.

Given the critical role for ATM in the cellular response to the prominent, although not

exclusive, role for ATM in the phosphorylation of p53 in response to NAG-1 expression,

we sought to examine the effects of EGCG, on ATM and its downstream effectors.

EGCG-induced NAG-1 as a chemopreventative or therapeutic agent in HNSCC.
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