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Analysis of Changes in Metabolic Profiles of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells Over-time :The Cascade of AAs disturbance, ROS Generation and Autophagy in Over-time Condition

Choi, Ki Ryung; Lee, Jungjin; Phukan, Geetika; Hyun, Sangmi; Shim, Jeom Soon; Lee, Gwang; Shim, Wooyoung
Institute for Medical Sciences, Ajou University School of Medicine
Human mesenchymal stem cells (hMSCs) have been investigated for their differentiation ability and availability as a clinical therapeutic tool. However, how the cellular events change over time in hMSCs is not yet known. In this study, for the metabolic profiling of amino acids (AAs), gas chromatography-mass (GC/MS) spectrometry was performed with hMSCs over time after the cells dissociated from culture dish. A total of 17 AAs were positively measured, and results were obtained from the Student’s t-test on the control group mean of hMSCs over time group. The composition of eight AAs was significantly elevated in hMSCs over time compared with those of the control group, while five AAs were significantly reduced compared with that of the control group. In addition, we performed fluorescence based autophagy analysis to evaluate autophagic cell death of hMSCs. The number of autophagic cells was significantly increased over time, and the elevation of autophagy related genes were confirmed with qRT-PCR. The results of this study suggest that the changes in AAs levels and autophagy in hMSCs are induced after disassociation from the culture dish and time is an essential factor when considering hMSCs use as a potential source for stem cell-based transplantation.
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