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Clinical efficacy of subcutaneous allergen immunotherapy in 251 patients with atopic dermatitis

Nahm, Dong-Ho; Kim, Myoung-Eun; An, So-Yeon; Hwang, Eui-Kyung; Nam, Young-Hee; Park, Hae-Sim
Department of Allergy & Clinical Immunology, Ajou University School of Medicine
BACKGROUND: Subcutaneous allergen immunotherapy (SCIT) has been reported to be clinically useful in patients with atopic dermatitis (AD). We evaluated a clinical efficacy of SCIT in 251 patients with AD and compared clinical efficacy of SCIT between 94 patients with severe AD and 157 patients with mild-to-moderate AD.
METHOD: Two hundred and fifty-one patients with AD who were sensitized to house dust mite (HDM) were treated by SCIT using HDM extracts for 12months. The primary efficacy outcome was the change in the standardized clinical severity scoring system for atopic dermatitis (SCORAD) values at 6 and 12 months in comparison with the values at baseline. Severe AD was defined when baseline SCORAD value was same or above 50.
RESULT: Compliance of SCIT was 66.5% at 12 months. The SCORAD values was significantly decreased from 44.7 ± 20.1 (mean ± SD) at baseline to 20.4 ± 11.4 at 6 months and 13.7 ± 9.2 at 12 months (p<0.001). A decrease in SCORAD value at 12 months from the baseline value was 61.1 ± 37.4%. A decrease in SCORAD values at 12 months from baseline value was significantly higher in patients with severe AD (77.2 ± 17.1%) than in patients with mild-to-moderate AD (51.7 ± 42.5 %) (p<0.001).
CONCLUSION: SCIT was clinically effective in patients with AD sensitized to HDM. Clinical efficacy of SCIT was higher in patients with severe AD than in patients with mild-to-moderate AD.
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