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Prevalence of primary immunodeficiency in Korea

Rhim, JW; Kim, KH; Kim, DS; Kim, BS; Kim, JS; Kim, CH; Kim, HM; Park, HJ; Pai, KS; Son, BK; Shin, KS; Oh, MY; Woo, YJ; Yoo, Y; Lee, KS; Lee, KY; Lee, CG; Lee, JS; Chung, EH; Choi, EH; Hahn, YS; Park, HY; Kim, JG
Journal of Korean medical science, 27(7):788-793, 2012
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Journal of Korean medical science
This study represents the first epidemiological study based on the national registry of primary immunodeficiencies (PID) in Korea. Patient data were collected from 23 major hospitals. A total of 152 patients with PID (under 19 yr of age), who were observed from 2001 to 2005, have been entered in this registry. The period prevalence of PID in Korea in 2005 is 11.25 per million children. The following frequencies were found: antibody deficiencies, 53.3% (n = 81), phagocytic disorders, 28.9% (n = 44); combined immunodeficiencies, 13.2% (n = 20); and T cell deficiencies, 4.6% (n = 7). Congenital agammaglobulinemia (n = 21) and selective IgA deficiency (n = 21) were the most frequently reported antibody deficiency. Other reported deficiencies were common variable immunodeficiencies (n = 16), X-linked agammaglobulinemia (n = 15), IgG subclass deficiency (n = 4). Phagocytic disorder was mostly chronic granulomatous disease. A small number of patients with Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome, hyper-IgE syndrome, and severe combined immunodeficiency were also registered. Overall, the most common first manifestation was pneumonia. This study provides data that permit a more accurate estimation PID patients in Korea.
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AdolescentAgammaglobulinemia/congenital/epidemiologyAge DistributionChildChild, PreschoolCommon Variable Immunodeficiency/epidemiologyFemaleGenetic Diseases, X-Linked/epidemiologyHumansIgA Deficiency/epidemiologyImmunologic Deficiency Syndromes/*epidemiologyInfantInfant, NewbornJob's Syndrome/epidemiologyMalePrevalenceQuestionnairesRegistriesRepublic of Korea/epidemiologySevere Combined Immunodeficiency/epidemiologySex DistributionWiskott-Aldrich Syndrome/epidemiologyYoung Adult
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