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Differentially expressed molecules in Behçet disease according to colchicine responsiveness

Woo, Min-yeong; Lee, Mi Jin; Cho, Okki; Lee, Eun-So; Park, Sun
Department of Microbiology
Behçet disease (BD) is a chronic relapsing, systemic inflammatory disorder which is treated with colchicine. However, some patients are not responsive to it. In this study, we wanted to explore the biomarkers to distinguish colchicine responsiveness. We stimulated peripheral blood mononuclear cells(PBMCs) and CD11b+ cells of BD patients with lipopolysaccharide(LPS) and analyzed the expression of inflammatory cytokines, transcription factors and microRNAs. Compared to colchicine-responsive BD patients(BDR), the expression of IL-6 and TNF-α were significantly increased in colchicine-non-responsive BD patients(BDNR) in both the basal and LPS-stimulated states. Concordantly, the expression of C/EBP-δ, a transcription factor of IL-6, was significantly upregulated in BDNR compared to BDR. Also, the expression of C/EBP-β and ATF-3 showed difference between BDR and BDNR. Finally we found the differential expression of miR-638, miR-4488, miR-3591-3p and miR-1915 in BD according to colchicine responsiveness. Our results suggest that these molecules might be useful to predict colchicine responsiveness in BD.
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