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Correlation between Head Circumference and Visuospatial Ability of Elderly in Community

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지역사회 노인에서 머리둘레와 시공간 능력과의 연관성
김, 경란; 이, 강수; 홍, 창형; 정, 해관; 오, 병훈
Noin chŏngsin ŭihak, 11(2):83-90, 2007
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Noin chŏngsin ŭihak; Journal of Korean geriatric psychiatry; 노인정신의학
Objectives: The aim of this study is to find out the correlation between head circumference and visuospatial function of the elderly in community.

Methods: A total of 463 subjects (170 men and 293 women) aged 60-91 years were analyzed from preliminary data of GDEMCIS (Gwangju Dementia and MCI Study). The study questionnaire consisted of demographic characteristics, current and past illness history, drug history, K-MMSE, SNSB-D. We also measured head circumference and examined ApoE genotype.

Results: On regression analysis, as head circumference become smaller, visuospatial memory scores (S-Rey immediate recall & delayed recall) decreased adjusted by age, height, sex, educational level, ApoE epsilon 4 allele, current smoking and alcohol drinking (beta=0.18, p=0.002, beta=0.15, p=0.01). Presence of ApoE epsilon 4 allele has no direct correlation with head circumference and cognitive decline.

Conclusion: As head circumference become smaller, only visuospatial memory scores decreased significantly. These results suggest that visuospatial memory function might be one of the sensitive markers of brain reserve differences.
뇌 예비력머리둘레시공간능력신경심리검사노인
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홍, 창형
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