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Comparison Analysis of Performance among the types of Intraosseous Needle in Animal Bone Models

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동물뼈 모델을 이용한 골내 주사의 기구에 따른 수행도 비교
이, 지숙; 안, 경찬; 허, 인영; 조, 영신; 최, 상천; 이, 미진; 김, 기운
Taehan Ŭnggup Ŭihakhoe chi, 20(5):515-521, 2009
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Taehan Ŭnggup Ŭihakhoe chi; Journal of the Korean Society of Emergency Medicine; 대한응급의학회지
Purpose: To compare each type of intraosseous needles for the performance.

Methods: Eighteen doctors participated. We chose chicken legs for the pediatric tibia model, and the metatarsal bone of swine for the adult humerus model, based on CT and bonedensitometry testing. We decided chicken legs for a pediatric tibia, metatarsal bones of swine for an adult humerus. Each doctor performed intraosseous insertion into the chicken leg 3 times per needle and 1 time per needle for the swine foot. In our study, we compared the following: intravenous needle (IV), spinal needle (SN), bone marrow aspiration needle (BN), Jamshidi needle (JN), and EZ-IO TM (EZ-IO).

Results: The success rate of EZ-IO, JN, BN, IV, and SN was 79.6%, 63%, 57.4%, 42.6%, 16.7%, respectively in the pediatric model. The bending or broken rate of IV and SN was 42.6% and 59.3%. The success rate of EZ-IO, JN, BN, SN, and IV was 83.3%, 44.4%, 33.3%, 22.2%, and 22.2%, respectively in the adult model and the success rate of the IO device, such as EZ-IO and JN was higher than in others. The time to insert was 18.9~32.0 seconds to all devices but SN, BN, IV had wide standard deviations.

Conclusion: We suggest that using commercial intraosseous devices are more effective than using IV, SN, and BN to achieve vascular access in severely ill patients. Further study of real patient models is needed to clarify the usefulness of the devices demonstrating successful results in this study.
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이, 지숙최, 상천김, 기운
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