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Metastasectomy for a Malignant Melanoma Patient with Soft Tissue Metastasis

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연부 조직 내 원격전이를 보이는 악성흑색종 환자에서 시도한 Metastasectomy
지, 성근; 김, 준영; 이, 석종; 이, 재철; 김, 병수; 이, 원주; 김, 도원; 박, 호용; 김, 유찬
Korean journal of dermatology, 47(12):1379-1384, 2009
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Korean journal of dermatology; 대한피부과학회지
Patients with stage IV metastatic melanoma have been traditionally managed with mainly palliative therapy such as chemotherapy, radiation therapy or biologic therapy, yet their overall survival is unsatisfactory. Several recent series have indicated a long-term survival benefit after complete resection, (termed "metastasectomy") of distant metastatic foci in patients with metastatic melanoma. Unlike other palliative modalities, surgery like metastasectomy can rapidly render a patient clinically disease-free with rather minimal morbidity, a short-term of hospitalization and a quick recovery time. This may prolong the survival and improve the quality of life of patients with stage IV melanoma if all the clinicoradiologically-evident tumors can be completely resected. We report herein on a case of performing metastasectomy in a patient who had malignant melanoma with soft tissue metastasis of the breast (T3a/bN0M1a), even though there was a regrettable result.
MetastasectomyMetastatic melanomaM1a soft tissue metastasis
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김, 유찬
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