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Mitotic Index and Band Resolution According to the Different KCl Concentration for Chromosome Analysis of Peripheral Blood

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방사선 조사된 흰쥐에서 고단백식이와 레스베라트롤 첨가가 영양상태 및 면역기능 증진에 미치는 효과
김, 경옥; 전, 미선; 강, 승희; 김, 현숙
Han'guk Yŏngyang Hakhoe chi, 42(7):605-614, 2009
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Han'guk Yŏngyang Hakhoe chi; Korean journal of nutrition; 한국영양학회지
Most cancer patients are treated with surgery, chemotherapy or radiation as anticancer therapies. Especially in the case of radiation, these treatments produce adverse effects such as vomiting, weight loss, anorexia, normal cell damage and malabsorption. The major goal of this study was to determine the effect of irradiation on the nutritional and immune status in irradiated rats. A secondary goal was to determine the effectiveness of high protein diet (HP) and resveratrol (Res) in minimizing the adverse effects of radiation. Rats were divided into four groups: normal diet (NP), HP, NP + Res and HP + Res groups. Each group was further divided into subgroups that received radiation (RT group) and one that did not (non-RT group). Each diet was supplied from 12th day prior to irradiation treatment with irradiation dose of 17.5 Gy. The diets were continued until 10th day after radiation treatment and animals were sacrificed. The radiation treatment showed decreased body weight, serum protein and HDL levels and increased TG and LDL levels in nutritional status. HP, NP + Res and HP + Res groups reduced the level of serum LDL and TG in irradiated rats. NP + Res and HP + Res groups increased reduced albumin level of serum in RT group. In case of immune status, the radiation treat-ment showed decreased WBC, lymphocytes and increased neutrophil and eosinophil levels. The levels of serum IL-2 and IL-6 were significantly increased by radiation, however the cytokine levels decreased in all dietary treatment groups. These results showed that high protein diet and resveratrol supplementation seem to minimize the adverse effects of radiation on lipid nutritional status and inflammation response in the rat model.
radiation treatmenthigh protein dietresveratrolimmunoreactivitynutrition status
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