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Effect of Platelet Transfusion on the Platelet Parameters of Recipient

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혈소판수혈이 수혈자 혈소판 지표에 미치는 영향
임, 영애; 조, 성란
The Korean journal of hematology, 44(1):36-41, 2009
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The Korean journal of hematology
Background: Because the platelet parameters have recently been used as indicators for various clinical conditions, there is a need to accurately estimate the platelet parameters by using an automated hematology analyzer. The aim of this study was to investigate an effect of a platelet transfusion on such platelet parameters as the mean platelet volume (MPV), the platelet volume distribution width (PDW), the mean platelet component (MPC) and the platelet component distribution width (PCDW) in transfused patients.

Methods: The study subjects were 25 patients who were admitted to the Department of Hematology & Oncology and they had been transfused with platelets. CD62P labeling was performed in the remaining portions of single donor platelets products (SDP) and the pooled platelet concentrates (PC) just before the SDP and PC were released. The platelet parameters were determined using the ADVIA 120 and the whole blood samples from the patients before the platelet transfusions and within 10~16 hours after the transfusion.

Results: There were no significant difference of all the platelet parameters between the SDP (n=21) and the pooled PC (n=8). The MPC and PCDW of the SDP and the PC were significantly lower than those of the samples from the patients before transfusion. However, the PCDW of the samples from the patients after transfusion was significantly lower than that before transfusion.

Conclusion: Because platelet transfusions lower the value of the PCDW in patients, the laboratory staff and clinicians should be aware of this when interpreting the PCDW.

배 경: 최근 자동혈구측정기의 혈소판지표들은 다양한 임상질환의 지표로 이용되고 있으므로 정확한 측정이 요구되고 있는데, 혈소판제제의 수혈이 수혈 후 환자의 혈소판지표, 즉 mean platelet volume (MPV), platelet volume distribution width (PDW), Mean platelet component (MPC), and platelet component distribution width (PCDW)에 영향을 미치는지 알아보고자 하였다.

방 법: 대상군은 혈소판 수혈을 받은 종양혈액내과 환자 25명으로부터 유래한 29예였다. 성분채집혈소판과 농축혈소판 제제는 출고직전 CD62P 염색을 실시하였고, 환자의 수혈 전과 수혈 후 10∼16시간 후의 전혈에서 ADVIA 120으로 혈소판지수를 측정하였다.

결 과: 자동혈구측정기의 혈소판지표는 성분채집혈소판(n=21)과 혼주된 농축혈소판(n=8) 제제간에 유의한 차이는 없었다. 두 가지 종류의 혈소판제제의 MPC와 PCDW는 수혈 전 환자보다 유의하게 낮았으나 혈소판 수혈 후 환자는 PCDW만 유의하게 감소하였다.

결 론: 혈소판 수혈은 수혈 후 환자의 PCDW를 감소시키므로 검사실무자나 임상의들은 PCDW 결과를 해석할 때 이점에 주의하여야 할 것으로 여겨졌다.
Platelet transfusionPlatelet parameterPlatelet component distribution width
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