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Sero-positivity of Anti-HAV IgG in Young Hospital Workers

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단일 의료기관의 젊은 직원들의 Anti-HAV IgG 양성률
박, 일중  | 이, 위교  | 임, 영애  | 이, 필오
The Korean journal of blood transfusion, 21(1). : 43-49, 2010
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The Korean journal of blood transfusion
Background: In recent years, the transmission of hepatitis A virus (HAV) through transfusion has been rare; however, recently there has been a case reported in Korea along with a recent increase in the number of HAV infections. In order to provide baseline information regarding sero-positivity of HAV in healthcare workers (HCWs), we tested for the presence of anti-HAV IgG antibodies in hospital employees who were under 40 years old. Data of HCWs as blood donors was analyzed to help management of blood donors.

Methods: Between July and August 2009, we measured anti-HAV IgG antibodies in HCWs who were in their twenties to thirties, using Architect i2000 (Abbott, Chicago, USA). Sero-positivity was obtained according to age and gender.

Results: A total of 1824 HCWs participated in this study, and sero-positivity was significantly different by age; 1.8% (5/275) in the 20∼24 year old range, 6.7% (44/661) in the 25∼29 year old range, 29.7% (159/536) in the 30∼34 year old range, and 57.1% (201/352) in the 35∼39 year old range. However, there was no significant difference according to gender.

Conclusion: Sero-positivity of the anti-HAV IgG antibody was low in HCWs under 30 years old. Therefore, vaccination against HAV in this population should be fortified with respect to blood donor management. Moreover, an improved system of recording history with respect to early symptoms of HAV infection as well as vaccination history may be helpful in preventing the transmission of HAV through transfusion.

배경: 최근 A형 간염의 지속적인 증가로 드물기는 하나 국내에서도 수혈로 인한 A형 간염이 보고된 바 있다. 이에 단일 의료기관의 종사자들의 A형 간염 예방 대책의 기초자료를 제공하고자 실시한 40대 미만의 anti-HAV IgG 검사 결과를 헌혈자 관리 측면에서 분석하여 헌혈자 관리에 도움을 주고자 하였다.

방법: 2009년 7월과 8월 사이에 단일 의료기관에서 종사하는 20대와 30대 직원을 대상으로 anti-HAV IgG 검사를 Architect i system (Abbott, Chicago,USA)으로 시행하였고 연령별 및 성별 양성률을 구하였다.

결과: 검사를 시행한 직원은 총 1,824명으로 양성률은 20세∼24세 1.8% (5/275), 25∼29세 6.7% (44/661), 30세∼34세 29.7% (159/536), 35세∼39세 57.1% (201/352)로 통계적으로 유의한 차이를 보였으나, 성별에 따른 양성률의 유의한 차이는 없었다.

결론: 낮은 anti-HAV IgG 항체 양성률을 가진 20대의 HAV에 대한 예방접종은 헌혈자 관리 측면에서도 중요하며, 특히 20대는 A형 간염 초기증상이나 예방접종에 대한 강화된 문진이 수혈 후 A형 간염을 예방하는데 도움을 줄 것으로 생각되었다.
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