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The Current Status and Activities of Emergency Physician-Performed Ultrasonography in Seoul and Gyeonggi do

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서울, 경기 지역 응급센터의 응급초음파 검사 현황 및 활성도에 미치는 요인 분석
이, 정주; 강, 보승; 조, 영순; 이, 영주; 이, 진희; 박, 유석; 정, 현수; 하, 영록; 김, 영식; 안, 정환
Taehan Ŭnggup Ŭihakhoe chi, 21(2):166-174, 2010
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Taehan Ŭnggup Ŭihakhoe chi; Journal of the Korean Society of Emergency Medicine; 대한응급의학회지
Purpose: There have been reports that have focused on the usefulness of ultrasonography (US), yet there are no reports on its current status and activities. This study evaluated the current status and activities of US in Seoul and Gyeong-gi do.

Methods: This study was conducted using a questionnaire developed by emergency physicians who were experienced in workshops for emergency US. The activities of US were established by assessing the average frequency of US examination among 5 clinical situations as recommended by the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP). We assessed the association between these activities and the variables using linear regression analysis and regression trees.

Results: The overall response rate was 85.2%. The average frequencies of US examination are as follows: multiple trauma (75.1±29.5%), right upper abdominal pain (57.6± 29.6%), cardiac arrest (54.4±30.6%), suspected ureter stone (42.4±31.6%), other abdominal pain (41.6±29.2%), chest pain or dyspnea (35.8±27.3%), right lower abdominal pain (33.6±28.9%), hypotension (33.3±27.8%), procedures (21.3±22.6%), intussusceptions (17.1±26.5%), central line access (16.2±21.4%), testicular torsion (14.7±23.7%) and assessing a pregnancy or a fetus (9.1±10.8%). The average percentage of current activities was 52.6%. The factors associated with current activities are as follows: the presence of supervisor for US training (p=0.030), the quality of the US machine (p=0.007), the number of patients (p=0.001) and the accreditation system for emergency US (p=0.014).

Conclusion: The current status and activities of US are varied. The factors associated with current activities are the presence of a supervisor for US training, the accreditation system for emergency US, the quality of the US machine and the number of patients. It is important to improve these factors to effectively use US.
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