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Annual Report on External Quality Assessment in Blood Bank Tests in Korea (2009)

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혈액은행검사 신빙도조사 결과보고(2009)
권, 석운; 김, 대원; 한, 규섭; 김, 현옥; 서, 장수; 차, 영주; 전, 동석; 양, 동욱; 박, 현준; 임, 영애; 권, 계철; 이, 선호; 강, 성하; 황, 유성
Imsang kŏmsa wa chŏngdo kwalli, 32(1):95-101, 2010
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Imsang kŏmsa wa chŏngdo kwalli; Journal of Laboratory Medicine and Quality Assurance; 임상검사와 정도관리
Background:We report here the results of surveys for external quality assessment of blood bank tests performed in 2009.

Methods: Survey specimens were sent three times to 488, 491 and 490 participant institutes, and the response rates for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd trial were 97.7%, 98.0%, and 98.0%, respectively. Test items for the surveys were ABO grouping, Rh (D) typing, crossmatching, direct antiglobulin test, antibody screening and antibody identification test.

Results: The average accuracy rates of ABO grouping and Rh typing were 99.6-100% and 98.5-100%, respectively. In crossmatching test, the accuracy rates were 99.3-99.8% for the compatible samples, 92.7-100% for the incompatible samples, and 92.6-93.1% for the samples which could be detected as incompatible only by antiglobulin method. The accuracy rates of direct antiglobulin test were 98.5-100% for negative samples and 98.1-98.8% for positive samples. The correctresults were reported by 98.0-100% of the surveyed institutions for antibody screening test and 82.9-100% for antibody identification test. Nineteen institutions gave repeatedly incorrect answers for crossmatching test. Eight institutions out of them gave incorrect answers for all the test specimens sent out 3 times last year

Conclusions: The overall results of this survey were good, however, it is required that the institutions where the incorrect results were reported should perform corrective actions for quality improvement.

배경: 2009년에 시행된 혈액은행 검사에 대한 신빙도조사 결과를 분석하였다.

방법: 1차에 477기관, 2차에 481기관, 3차에 480기관으로 검체를 발송하였고 회신율은 각각 97.7%, 98.0% 및 98.07%였다. 평가 종목은 ABO 혈액형 검사, Rh(D) 혈액형 검사, 교차시험 검사, 직접항글로불린 검사, 비예기항체 선별검사 및 동정검사 등 6가지였다.

결과: ABO 혈액형 검사와 Rh(D) 혈액형 검사의 정답율은 각각 99.6-100%와 98.5-100%였다. 교차시험 검사에서는 적합 검체의 정답율이 99.3-99.8%였고, 부적합 검체의 정답율은 92.7-100%로 항글로불린법까지 검사를 시행해야만 부적합 검체를 찾을 수 있었다. 직접항글로불린 검사에서 음성 검체에 대한 정답율은 98.5-100%였고, 양성 검체에 대한 정답율은 98.1-98.8%였다. 항체 선별검사의 정답율은 98.0-100%였고, 항체 동정검사의 정답율은 82.9-100%였다. 교차시험에서 중복 오답 기관은 모두 19기관이었고, 3회 모두 오답을 낸 기관은 8기관이었다.

결론: 혈액은행 검사 신빙도는 전반적으로 우수한 편이었다. 그러나 오답을 낸 기관들은 그 원인을 분석하고 개선을 위한 노력을 해야 할 것으로 사료되었다.
Blood bank testsExternal quality assessmentAntiglobulin testCrossmatching
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