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The Effect of Placing Biomembrane cover following Microfracture on Cartilage Repair: Comparison with Conventional Microfracture Technique in a Prospective Randomized Trial

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dc.description.abstract목적: 슬관절의 연골 결손에 대한 미세골절술 후 병변을 덮는 생체막을 이용한 환자들의 치료 결과를 비교, 분석하고자한다.

대상 및 방법: 2008년 1월부터 2010년 1월까지 관절경 검사로 확인된 슬관절 연골의 국소적 전층 결손이 있으며, 골관절염을 보이지 않는 53명(총 59례)의 환자를 대상으로 하였다. 무작위로 선정된 36명(42례)은 미세골절술 후 생체막으로 병변을 덮어주었고(실험군), 나머지 17명(17례)은 고식적인 미세골절술만을 시행받았다(대조군). 모든 환자는 수술 후 6개월째에 임상적 결과를 IKDC 설문지와 통증, 만족도에 대한 VAS 점수를 이용하여 비교하였고, 자기공명영상 촬영을 통해 골연골 병변의 회복 상태를 비교하였다.

결과: 임상 결과(IKDC, 통증 VAS, 만족도 VAS)에서 실험군이 대체로 더 우수하였으며 IKDC에서는 두 군 간의 통계적으로 유의한 차이를 보였다. (IKDC, p=0.047, 통증 VAS, p=0.074; 만족도 VAS, p=0.001). MRI 추시결과에서 실험군의 33명(78.6%)에서 우수한 결손 치유(67~100%)를 보이고, 5명(11.9%)만이 불량한 치유 소견을 보인 반면, 대조군에서는 4명(23.5%)의 환자에서 양호한 결손 치유가 관찰되고 9명(52.9%)의 환자들에서 결손 치유가 불량하였다(p=0.001). 실험군에서 35명(83.3%), 대조군 중 6명(35.3%)에서 변연부 결합부에서 간격이 관찰되지 않았다(p=0.001). 생체막 사용과 관련하여 심각한 부작용은 발견되지 않았다.

결론: 슬관절의 연골 결손 병변에 대해 미세골절술 후 생체막으로 도포한 군에서 단기 추시 임상적 결과 및 MRI를 이용한 영상학적 결과에서 결손부의 연골재생이 잘 된 것을 확인하였고, 미세골절술 후 ArtiFilmTM을 함께 사용했던 군에서 연골 치유가 더 잘되는 경향이 있음을 시사한다.
dc.description.abstractPurpose: Microfracture has been used as a first-line treatment to repair articular cartilage defects. In this study, a new technique using an extracelluar matrix biomembrane to cover the cartilage lesions after microfracture was evaluated in terms of cartilage repairability and clinical outcome compared with conventional microfracture technique in a prospective randomized trial.

Materials and Methods:A total of 53 patients (59 cases) without osteoarthritis who had focal full thickness articular cartilage lesions were randomly assigned in two group. Seventeen patients (17 cases) underwent conventional microfracture procedure (control group) and thirty-six patients (42 cases) received microfracture and placing biomembrane cover (ArtifilmTM) concomitantly (experimental group). Clinical assessment was done through 6 months postoperatively using the subjective International Knee Documentation Committee IKDC questionnaire, and visual analog scale (VAS) for pain and satisfaction. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) was performed at 6 months after the operation in all patients.

Results: In clinical outcomes, the significant difference was observed between both groups in IKDC, but not in VAS for pain and for satisfaction (final outcomes of IKDC, p=0.001; VAS for pain, p=0.074; VAS for satisfaction, p=0.194). The MRI showed good to complete defect fill (67 to 100%) in 33 patients (78.6%) of experimental group and 4 patients (23.5%) of control group, respectively. In control group, 9 of 17 patients (52.9%) showed poor defect fill (less than 33%), whereas 5 (11.9%) in experimental group (p=0.001). Assessment of peripheral integration revealed no gap formation in 35 patients (83.3%) in experimental group and 6 patients (35.3%) in control group (p=0.001). No serious complications or adverse effects related to the biomembrane were found.

Conclusion: Good short-term follow-up clinical results were obtained in the group whose cartilage defects in the knee joint were covered with biomembrane after the microfracture, with the MRI findings confirming the excellent regeneration of the defective cartilage area. This suggests that the surgery to cover the defective area with biomembrane (ArtiFilmTM) after the microfracture procedure is a safe, more effective treatment to induce cartilage regeneration.
dc.titleThe Effect of Placing Biomembrane cover following Microfracture on Cartilage Repair: Comparison with Conventional Microfracture Technique in a Prospective Randomized Trial-
dc.title.alternative미세골절술 후 생체막 덮개가 연골 재생에 미치는 영향 : 고식적인 미세골절술과의 전향적 비교 연구-
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dc.subject.keywordCartilage defect-
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dc.citation.titleTaehan Kwanjŏlgyŏng Hakhoe chi-
dc.citation.titleJournal of Korean Arthroscopy Society-
dc.identifier.bibliographicCitationTaehan Kwanjŏlgyŏng Hakhoe chi, 15(2):83-91, 2011-
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