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High-Resolution Actigraphic Analysis of ADHD: A Wide Range of Movement Variability Observation in Three School Courses ? A Pilot Study

Kam, HJ; Lee, K; Cho, SM; Shin, YM; Park, RW
Healthcare informatics research, 17(1):29-37, 2011
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Healthcare informatics research
Objectives: This study was conducted to determine whether or not newly proposed high-resolution activity features could provide a superior analytic foundation compared to those commonly used to assess transitions in children’s activities, under circumstances in which the types of courses attended exert different situational effects on activity levels.

Methods: From 153 children at a local elementary school, 10 subjects with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and 7 controls were recruited. Their activity data was collected using an actigraph while they attended school. Ratios of partitioned activity ranges (0.5-2.8 G) during the entire activity were extracted during three classes: art, mathematics, and native language (Korean). Extracted activity features for each participant were compared between the two groups of children (ADHD and control) us-ing graphs and statistical analysis.

Results: Activity distributions between ADHD and control groups for each class showed statistically significant differences spread through the entire range in art class compared to native language and mathematics classes. The ADHD group, but not the control group, experienced many significantly different intervals (> 50%) having low to very high activity acceleration regions during the art and languages courses.

Conslusions: Class content appears to influ-ence the activity patterns of ADHD children. Monitoring the actual magnitude and activity counts in a wide range of subjects could facilitate the examination of distributions or patterns of activities. Objective activity measurements made with an acti-graph may be useful for monitoring changes in activities in children with ADHD in a timely manner.
ActigraphyAttention Deficit Disorder with HyperactivityMotor ActivitySchoolsActivities of Daily Living
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