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Identification of CCL1 as a Gene Differentially Expressed in CD4+ T cells Expressing TIM-3

Jun, KJ; Lee, MJ; Shin, DC; Woo, MY; Kim, K; Park, S
Immune network, 11(4):203-209, 2011
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Immune network
Background: T cell immunoglobulin mucin containing molecule (TIM)-3 is expressed in differentiated Th1 cells and is involved in the suppression of the cytokine production by these cells. However, the regulation of the expression of other T cell genes by TIM-3 is unclear. Herein, we attempted to identify differentially expressed genes in cells abundantly expressing TIM-3 compared to cells with low expression of TIM-3.

Methods: TIM-3 overexpressing cell clones were established by transfection of Jurkat T cells with TIM-3 expression vector. For screening of differentially expressed genes, gene fishing technology based on reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) using an annealing control primer system was used. The selected candidate genes were validated by semi quantitative and real-time RT-PCR.

Results:The transcription of TIMP-1, IFITM1, PAR3 and CCL1 was different between TIM-3 overexpressing cells and control cells. However, only CCL1 transcription was significantly different in cells transiently transfected with TIM3 expression vector compared with control cells. CCL1 transcription was increased in primary human CD4+ T cells abundantly expressing TIM-3 but not in cells with low expression of TIM-3.

Conclusion: CCL1 was identified as a differentially transcribed gene in TIM-3-expressing CD4+ T cells.
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