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Effectiveness of Stapes Mobilization in Tympanosclerotic Stapes Fixation

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고실경화증으로 인한 등골 고정에서 등골 가동술의 유용성
Park, HY; Jun, HJ; Choung, YH; Park, K
Korean journal of audiology, 15(1):19-24, 2011
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Korean journal of audiology
Background and Objectives: Tympanosclerosis is a nonspecific and irreversible result of chronic inflammation or infection of the middle ear. However, there remains disagreement about how best to surgically treat tympanosclerotic ossicular fixation, with the controversy over its management when stapes is involved. The aim of this study was to evaluate operative findings and hearing results of tympanosclerosis involving the ossicular chain, which in turn would establish better surgical treatment of tympanosclerotic ossicular fixation.

Subjects and Methods: In this prospective study conducted from Mar 2000 to Dec 2007, 38 patients with tympanosclerosis who had undergone surgical treatment were evaluated. The clinical and operational records and pre- and postoperative pure tone audiograms were reviewed.

Results: Operative findings showed stapes fixation is the most common. In 8 patients (21.1%), stapes was mobile, while, in the remaining 30 patients (78.9%), stapes fixation was found. In all cases with stapes fixation, stapes mobilization was possible. Following hearing result reporting guideline by the Korean Otological Society, the success rate of middle ear surgery was 68.4% (26 of 38 patients). In cases with stapes fixation, the success rate was 66.6% (20 of 30 patients), while, in cases with no stapes fixation, the success rate was 75.0% (6 of 8 patients). However, there was no statistical significance between the two groups.

Conclusion: Stapes fixation was found in 78.9% of tympanosclerotic ossicular fixation. In management of tympanosclerotic stapes fixation, meticulous excision of tympanosclerotic plaques and removal of new bone formation around stapes footplate after adequate exposure could achieve a relatively good hearing result without stapes surgery.
Stapes mobilizationOssicular replacement
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