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Whole Body Vibration Effects on Body Composition in the Postmenopausal Korean Obese Women: Pilot Study

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dc.description.abstractBackground: Whole body vibration (WBV) confers a continuous vibration stimuli to the body. While some reports have described the effects of WBV on bone mineral density, muscle mass, muscle power, study of WBV effects on body composition in postmenopausal women is rare. The aim of this pilot study was to examine the effect of WBV on the changes of body weight and body composition in postmenopausal women.

Methods: Fifteen postmenopausal healthy and obese women who were on staff of one university hospital staff located in Suwon, Korea were voluntarily recruited. Inclusion criteria were age over 50 years, and body mass index (BMI) ≥25 kg/m2. WBV group training was performed in 10 minute sessions twice weekly for 8 weeks. Before and after training, anthropometric measurements and body composition analysis were performed.

Results: Weight (-1.18 ± 1.61 kg), BMI (-0.49 ± 0.66 kg/m2), waist circumference (-2.34 ± 2.48 cm) and muscle mass (-0.54 ± 0.59 kg) decreased signifi cantly the 8 week intervention. Decrease of muscle mass was correlated with weight (r = 0.621, P = 0.013), BMI (r = 0.596, P = 0.019) and percent body fat (r = -0.518, P = 0.048). Linear regression analysis revealed that the changes of muscle mass had negative relationship with percent body fat change and a positive relationship with body weight changes.

Conclusion: WBV might display a weak but positive effect on body weight and waist circumference reduction in healthy postmenopausal obese women. However, attention must be given to avoid a decrease of muscle mass.
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