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T Cell Immunoglobulin Mucin Domain (TIM)-3 Promoter Activity in a Human Mast Cell Line

Kim, JS; Shin, DC; Woo, MY; Kwon, MH; Kim, K; Park, S
Immune network, 12(5):207-212, 2012
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Immune network
T cell immunoglobulin mucin domain (TIM)-3 is an immunomodulatory molecule and upregulated in T cells by several cytokines. TIM-3 also influences mast cell function but its transcriptional regulation in mast cells has not been clarified. Therefore, we examined the transcript level and the promoter activity of TIM-3 in mast cells. The TIM-3 transcript level was assessed by real-time RT-PCR and promoter activity by luciferase reporter assay. TIM-3 mRNA levels were increased in HMC-1, a human mast cell line by TGF-Ղ1 stimulation but not by stimulation with interferon (IFN)-Ձ, IFN-Ջ, TNF-Ձ, or IL-10. TIM-3 promoter −349∼+144 bp region relative to the transcription start site was crucial for the basal and TGF-Ղ1-induced TIM-3 promoter activities in HMC-1 cells. TIM-3 promoter activity was increased by overexpression of Smad2 and Smad4, downstream molecules of TGF-Ղ1 signaling. Our results localize TIM-3 promoter activity to the region spanning −349 to +144 bp in resting and TGF-Ղ1 stimulated mast cells.
T cell immunoglobulin mucin domain-3TGF-Ղ1TranscriptionMast cellsSmad
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