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Reduction of the Nailfold Capillary Blood Velocity in Cigarette Smokers

Kim, KM; Lee, DJ; Joo, NS
Korean Journal of Family Medicine, 33(6):398-405, 2012
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Korean Journal of Family Medicine; 가정의학회지
Background: Cigarette smoking causes cardiovascular disease and activates markers of endothelial dysfunction or injury. We investigated the nailfold capillary blood velocity (NCV) in cigarette smokers compared to non-smokers.

Methods: Forty-eight men (eighteen non-smokers and thirty smokers) were recruited. We measured NCV using nailfold capillary microscopy and exhaled carbon monoxide (ECO) concentration three times (before smoking; NCV0min and ECO0min, and after smoking; NCV5min, ECO5min, NCV30min, and ECO30min), in a condition of fasting in the case of smokers. In non-smokers, the same measurements were taken without smoking. Additionally, personal cigarette smoking and alcohol drinking history were acquired by a self-administrated questionnaire.

Results: Mean age, waist circumference, ECO0min, ECO5min, and ECO30min was higher and NCV5min and NCV30min were significantly lower in smokers compared to non-smokers. Total smoking years were negatively correlated with NCV5min. Average pack of the daily smoking, total pack-years, as well as total smoking years were also negatively correlated with NCV30min by regression analysis. After adjustment of significantly different variables, NCV30min was significantly lower in smokers. In the subgroup analysis, the interleukin-6 level was significantly increased in subjects with a long period of cigarette smoking compared with non-smokers.

Conclusion: Reduction of NCV in smokers is associated with personal smoking history, not with body composition or certain oxidative stress markers.
Nailfold Capillary Blood VelocitySmokingQxidative Stress
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