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2021Clustering the clinical course of chronic urticaria using a longitudinal database: Effects on urticaria remission남동호, 박해심, 신유섭, 예영민, 이영수, 장재혁
2021Changes in type 2 biomarkers after anti-il5 treatment in patients with severe eosinophilic asthma박해심, 신유섭, 예영민, 이영수, 장재혁
2021Specific antibody deficiency in adult patients with igg or igg subclass deficiency박해심, 장재혁
2021Recent update on the management of anaphylaxis박해심, 장재혁
2020Pulmonary Surfactants: a New Therapeutic Target in Asthma박해심, 장재혁, 최영우
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