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2017Cardiovascular events associated with second-line anti-diabetes treatments: analysis of real-world Korean data김대중, 하경화
2017Association between Blood Mercury Level and Visceral Adiposity in Adults김대중, 하경화
2017Exposure to bisphenol A is directly associated with inflammation in healthy Korean adults김대중, 최용준, 하경화
2016Epidemiology of Childhood Obesity in Korea김대중, 하경화
2016Visceral Fat Mass Has Stronger Associations with Diabetes and Prediabetes than Other Anthropometric Obesity Indicators among Korean Adults김대중, 하경화
2016Urinary adiponectin and progression of diabetic nephropathy in type 1 diabetes김대중, 하경화
2016Trends in the Impact of Diabetes on the Development of Cardiovascular Diseases김대중, 하경화
2016Serum 25-Hydroxyvitamin D Concentration Is Independently Inversely Associated with Insulin Resistance in the Healthy, Non-Obese Korean Population김대중, 하경화
2016Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease is associated with cognitive function in adults하경화
2016Current status of managing diabetes mellitus in Korea김대중, 하경화
2016Association between blood glucose level derived using the oral glucose tolerance test and glycated hemoglobin level김대중, 김형주, 하경화
2015Epidemiologic Characteristics of Dyslipidemia in Korea김대중, 하경화
2015Application of New Cholesterol Guidelines to the Korean Adult Diabetic Patients.김대중, 하경화
2015New risk factors for obesity and diabetes: Environmental chemicals.김대중, 전자영, 하경화
2015Impact of Cadmium Exposure on the Association between Lipopolysaccharide and Metabolic Syndrome.김대중, 김혜진, 이관우, 전자영, 하경화, 한승진
2015Trends in the Diabetes Epidemic in Korea.김대중, 하경화
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